PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE BOOKING an event or visiting!

  • If you Haven't called to talk to an employee to pay your deposit and or discuss details and confirm your party, you do NOT have an event scheduled with us, can NOT pay deposit online.

  • $50 deposit required to reserve event.


  • VENUE RENTAL - Allows events to take place during our closed hours. (Walk ins will not be accepted during these times.) You are NOT able to book a Private Rental on Saturdays, but any other time or day is eligible depending on what we have open. To check if a private event is happening when you would like to visit us call ahead to ask and see.

  • MUST be 4 yr. old or older to play (NO EXCEPTIONS).

  • If you are too small to wear our glasses you CANNOT PLAY

  • You must be able to play without the help of a parent or guardian or you CANNOT play

  • Do Not need socks to play.

  • We ask that birthday parties arrive 15-20 minutes in advance to get everyone checked in and on the field at the scheduled time.


Monday - CLOSED (May Schedule a Private Event)

Tuesday - CLOSED (May schedule private event)

Wednesday - 4:00pm - 8:00pm 

Thursday - 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Friday - 4:00pm -9:00pm

Saturday - 11:00am - 9:00pm 

Sunday - 11:00am - 8:00pm

(Please Arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes before closing time)

(hours may differ during holidays)

Walk-ins welcomed

$8 per hour on weekdays

$10 per hour on weekends

 We include Single shot Blasters for free as well as bigger, better blasters you can rent depending on how old you are that range from $1-$6, we recommend that you bring your own blaster, if so you get $1 off discount per kid with their own blaster. Please leave your ammo at home, we provide our own!

Party Packages

  • 1 hour of arena play. 1 hour of party room.
    2 hr
    175 US dollars
  • 1 hour of arena play. 1 hour of party room.
    2 hr
    225 US dollars
  • 1 hour of arena play. 1 hour of party room.
    2 hr
    275 US dollars
  • 1 hour of arena play.1 hour of party room.
    2 hr
    325 US dollars
  • $100 per Hour additional $7 a Player
    1 hr
    $100 per hour

GOT QUESIONS?: (only call during Open Hours!) 

CALL US AT 316-558-3300

It may allow you schedule a time online that isn't avalible, to find out when we do and do not have openings give us a call